Scout Hike Sunday 4th October 2020

Meet Sunday at 12midday near Grange Cross

Drop off Google Map Link

Collection from the  Foy Centre Carlingford at 3pm

Pick UpGoogle Map Link

In line with government and Scouting Ireland guidance

  • Social Distancing of 2 metres required.
  • Strict hand hygiene protocols must be followed.
  • Must adhere to cough and sneeze etiquette
  • A contact tracing log must be maintained for all meetings and activities.
  • Car sharing from separate households is not permitted.
  • All scouters and parents/ guardians of youth members are required to complete a health questionnaire prior to attending any meeting or activity.
  • Parents and Scouts must read return to scouting document

***Must be completed to attend on Sunday***

👉🏻 Health Questionaire

***Scouts and Parents must read this document***

👉🏻Buíon Setanta 5th Louth, Louth Scout County Return to Scouting

***Please Complete Annual Registration Form***

👉🏻Activities Consent Form

Our priority is to scout safely, Please consider we have members of our scout troop who are in the high-risk category.


Gear List – packed into small schoolbag sized rucksack

  1. Face Mask
  2. Hand Sanitiser
  3. Raincoat with Hood
  4. Waterproof Trousers
  5. Spare trouser
  6. Warm Hoodie / Jumper / Fleece
  7. extra Socks
  8. Woolly Hat
  9. Scarf
  10. Gloves
  11. Hiking Boots
  12. Water Bottle
  13. Lunch and snacks
  14. Personal first aid kit (small container with plasters, antiseptic, etc)
  15. Bivvi bag/survival bag




Summer Camp Apart 2020

Buíon Setanta Summer Camp Apart 2020

Gold – 10 -12 Challenges

Silver  6 – 9 Challenges

Bronze 3- 5 Challenges

Hill walking

  1. Sketch map of your route to the scout hall –
  2. Rain gear challenge, get fully dressed for hike including hiking boots. Video and time yourself putting your full rain gear on including trousers and jacket with hood.
  3. Take a walk/ hike  to a historic or significant site – take a selfie and write a short log
  4.  Create a piece of art from natural objects – this could be beach art or a stone stack


  1. Pitch a tent and sleep in it (we have tents we can loan get in touch)
  2. Plan a menu for a themed camp – chose A Africa, B Australia C South Pole
  3. Cook one meal from your menu
  4. Design a patrol banner for your chosen theme


  1. Build a bivvy and sleep in it
  2. Light a fire (bonus do it with Flint and steel) Scouting Trail Page 141
  3. Cook a meal without implements on your fire (see link above)
  4. Carve a spoon – Scouting Trail Page 278
  5. Find some edible fruits and berries that are found in nature

Please complete your tasks by 10th August and send your details/images to Sarah