Summer Camp Apart 2020

Buíon Setanta Summer Camp Apart 2020

Gold – 10 -12 Challenges

Silver  6 – 9 Challenges

Bronze 3- 5 Challenges

Hill walking

  1. Sketch map of your route to the scout hall –
  2. Rain gear challenge, get fully dressed for hike including hiking boots. Video and time yourself putting your full rain gear on including trousers and jacket with hood.
  3. Take a walk/ hike  to a historic or significant site – take a selfie and write a short log
  4.  Create a piece of art from natural objects – this could be beach art or a stone stack


  1. Pitch a tent and sleep in it (we have tents we can loan get in touch)
  2. Plan a menu for a themed camp – chose A Africa, B Australia C South Pole
  3. Cook one meal from your menu
  4. Design a patrol banner for your chosen theme


  1. Build a bivvy and sleep in it
  2. Light a fire (bonus do it with Flint and steel) Scouting Trail Page 141
  3. Cook a meal without implements on your fire (see link above)
  4. Carve a spoon – Scouting Trail Page 278
  5. Find some edible fruits and berries that are found in nature

Please complete your tasks by 10th August and send your details/images to Sarah