Hunger Games Camp 2019

We will meet at 2pm at the den on 19th October at Our Den to collect tents and food and cooking gear.

We will carpool to the drop point at Piperstown and we will carpool back to the hall return meeting at 11.15am to return to the hall for  Middayish Sunday 20th October. We need approximately 6 cars out and 6 back.

Pack lunch for Saturday.

We will be hiking and camping all weekend so please pay attention to the gear list and ensure you have warm layers, hat, gloves, raingear and waterproof footwear (hiking boots – no wellies)

Please pack all gear into one large rucksack (at least 65ltr), nothing hanging outside. Please take a small day rucksack for use on Saturday but pack it inside your main rucksack so you are hands-free when walking. 

  1. Sleeping Bag
  2. Bivvi Bag
  3. Sleeping Mat
  4. Raincoat with Hood
  5. Waterproof Trousers
  6. Spare trouser
  7. Warm Hoodie / Jumper / Fleece
  8. 2 T-Shirts
  9. Underwear (extra Socks)
  10. Thermals
  11. Woolly Hat
  12. Scarf
  13. Gloves
  14. Hiking Boots
  15. Mess Kit (plate, bowl, cup, bottle, knife, fork, spoon, tea towel) all labelled, plastic or metal only
  16. Water Bottle
  17. Torch
  18. Personal first aid kit (small container with plasters, antiseptic, etc)
  19. Wash kit & small Towel or face cloth
  20. Bivvi bag/survival bag
  21. penknife*
  22. flint and steel*
  23. snacks *


 Any questions about the camp or if you are short any gear please contact us and we can help sort it out!